BCSD Five To Thrive


Bedford Central School District WAS considering closing one or more of our five neighborhood elementary schools as part of their LRFP (Long Range Facilities Plan). However, this amazing, engaged community identified incorrect data and misinformation, raised concerns and alternatives and pressured the board to change the course of action. However, our work is not over.

As a community, we must continue to be engaged. This is especially important throughout the remainder of the LRFP and Budgeting processes.

We urge you to email the Board of Education, attend meetings and speak up in support of our mission. And join the discussion and stay up to date with our Facebook group – Neighbors Together For BCSD.

As taxpayers we can only vote on two items and the rest is in the hands of our elected officials. On May 19th we vote on the budget and BoE members so be informed, speak up and most importantly VOTE.

Latest Updates

BCSD Budget Overview

As discussions about the BCSD budget progress, especially with the March 11 BoE Budget meeting coming up, please see the budget overview below. It provides data to chew on, discuss amongst ourselves, and address with the Board.

This document was provided to the BoE and Administration earlier this week, so all parties have the same set of info to review. 


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