We Don’t Have an Enrollment Problem – It’s Cyclical and it Just Increased!


Kindergarten enrollment is an indicator demographers use to help project future enrollment. BCSD Kindergarten enrollment increased at 4 out of 5 elementary schools for this school year, with a net gain of 38 overall. That means we are only 1 child under the 44-year average. One child.

We also have higher elementary school enrollment than when BVES re-opened (and closed). The first year BVES was closed, K enrollment was 176 (1981). The year it reopened enrollment was 241 (1992). We are currently at 275; higher than both of those milestones.

This is the largest increase in kindergarten enrollment since 1985, which was also at the start of the last increasing enrollment trend.

Overall PK-5 enrollment was 1402 the first year BVES was closed. It was 1420 the year it reopened. It is currently about 1585; Higher than both of those milestones.

The average overall enrollment over 44 years is 1710.3.  That works out to 125.3 students below the average currently. So approximately 25 kids per school, which works out to 4.2 kids per grade (K-5). The average and the overall enrollment decline would be less if Pre-K was excluded.

We have operated with 5 schools at this level of enrollment numerous times in the past, with smaller budgets and arguably better academics.

Context is everything.

Note: This article has been updated to reflect the accurate current Kindergarten enrollment number. It was previously incorrectly stated as 265, instead of 275.

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