Scenes from a Startling Subcommittee Meeting


On November 15th, the BCSD Board of Education Communication Subcommittee held a meeting. The first agenda item was the upcoming Long Range Facilities Planning survey which will be sent to the community to gather additional feedback on potential school closures.

The BoE, which has a responsibility to be transparent and accountable, asked attendees not to take photos. They were also told they could not speak or ask questions.

However, we feel it’s important that our Five to Thrive supporters, and broader district community, are aware of the survey in development, and its many flaws, which were evident during the meeting.

The survey questions lack critical information to help respondents prioritize and determine optimal outcomes including financial implications and accurate data. The questions are misleading and designed to produce a response to justify school closing to “reduce taxes,” when in reality there are significant costs associated with maintaining facilities even if a school is closed. A bond will be required regardless. 

We demand an unbiased survey that enables the community to weigh feasible options based on detailed information and clear goals. The survey in its current form is unacceptable and useless.

Here are some of the photos taken of the draft survey from the meeting.

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